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Currently based in Bristol, UK, Joe Barker AKA worm specialises in hand-drawn psychedelic abstractions. He began this journey with mostly ink on paper creations, using ruler and compass, and has since incorporated colour work using paint markers, experimented with paint, animation, 3D and more.

Recurring geometric patterns and formulas can be found throughout nature, from the smallest scale of atoms and molecules, to snowflakes, flowers, all the way out to the macro level of planetary systems, galaxies and beyond. The same patterns can be found permeating the inner metaphysical realms: another expression of nature. Through this geometrical language, worm strives to create a bridge between our inner experiences and the outer physical world - portals to unseen dimensions beyond the confines of our five senses.

On the deepest level we are all connected: one unfolding process from the big bang to the end of time. Through his work, worm hopes to trigger something deep within the viewer, beyond their personal identity. A reminder of the mystery of this experience we all find ourselves a part of.

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