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This permit will provide the buyer the rights to use one of my pre-existing designs as a tattoo. Once purchased, I will send you a high quality digital image file that we have agreed upon, which you can then give to your tattoo artist to use as a stencil for your tattoo. No physical item will come with this purchase.


I am extremely honoured when I hear people want to permanently display my art on their flesh suits, but even a worm like me has bills to pay. The purchase of this permit allows you to support me and the work that I do, so that I can afford to continue making art.


As my work is freely available online, I can't stop people from taking my images and using them. This is an opportunity to do a good deed, get my full blessing, and support my artistic venture. 


Please get in touch beforehand at so we can agree on a design before purchasing to avoid complications :)

Tattoo permit

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